With "Transporte Violeta," Marina del Pilar increases the safety of Tijuana's women.

In the first step, Violet Transport will provide free transportation for women to and from Tijuana's General Hospital (HGT)

The Governor of Baja California presided over the flag of the "Violet Transportation," a special line for women who utilize public transportation in Tijuana, with the cooperation of transporters devoted to the safety of women and girls in the state's most populated metropolis.

In her message, the president urged users of Tijuana's public transportation, notable moms of children who use public transportation to get to school and work, to know that the state government is eager to provide them with the safety they require.

She claimed that she was confident that they and their children should be able to travel themselves without fear of gender harassment and that the administration she leads has established a project to give them the necessary answers.

Only women with their daughters and children will be allowed to travel on the buses that will begin service on Monday, preventing any action that may jeopardize their integrity and well-being, on the assumption that if the women of Baja California and their children are healthy, we will all be OK.

In theory, the pilot program entails two units that will provide free transportation on a route in the General Hospital of Tijuana; based on the outcomes, the requisite buses will be installed on the health route of all communities in Baja California beginning in January.

In a similar spirit, Marina del Pilar revealed that new routes would be created in Tijuana as part of the Government Mobility System, which she leads, focusing on Tijuana women who utilize public transit.

Finally, she noted that it had been proposed to eradicate violence against women, generating a new awareness of women's dignity and the need to develop conditions that protect them. She congratulated those who participated in this new mode of transportation that will circulate from a gender perspective.

Carlos Torres Torres, Honorary Coordinator of Strategic Projects; Ramón Vázquez, Local Deputy; Jorge Alberto Gutiérrez Topete, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Urban Mobility; Miriam Cano Nez, Secretary of Social Inclusion and Gender Equity of Baja California; Karla Pedrin Rembao, Head of Dispatch at INMUJER BC; Antonio Meja Cuéllar, General Director of the Baja California Urban and Suburban


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