Police chase ends with alligator attack

He threw himself into a channel

A 20 year old man who fled on foot from the police after a traffic incident in Pinellas County, Florida, found an unexpected and painful end to his getaway when he was attacked by an alligator in a channel. He suffered various injuries on his face and body, authorities said.

The incident occurred on Thursday when Bryan Zuniga, 20, was driving his car in that county, whom after receiving orders from the police, he instead decided to leave the vehicle and flee the scene.

Zuniga’s attempt to escape led him not that far away, in which after throwing himself into a channel that leads to a water treatment plant, he ran into an alligator that attacked him.

Zuniga was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for injuries he sustained on his face and arm. He is now just recovering from the shock and stitches but still faces four counts "for resisting arrest, driving with a suspended license, among other charges" said the police spokesman for Pinellas County.




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