Will Mexico Change it's Name?

The soon to be ex-President Felipe Calderon signed initiative

It seems like it's a joke, one of those you say "The last and let's go", which is exactly what Felipe Calderon President of Mexico has presented as an initiative to draft a decree to amend the Constitution and change the name of the Country.

Although the country's name is very long, "The United Mexican States", the purpose of this proposal is to refer the country as it currently and has always been referred to which is Mexico, but in just one word.

"The name that our country currently holds is due to the historical circumstances that determined it, and it was the result of a circumstance that no longer exists. Mexico does not need a name that emulates another country, and a name that none of us Mexican citizens use every day." He pointed out.

All the way from "Los Pinos" on Thursday November 22nd, the President of Mexico who is now only days away from completing his term said that the task now will go to the chambers of Congress and state legislatures to analyze and discuss the initiative, which is not an urgent one.

If you were a Mexican citizen what do you think about this? Keep in mind that with this change, one would have to go to all the necessary government offices to change or modify all documentation like passports, birth certificates, voters ID etc


Translation: Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com


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