Police free two kidnapping victims

The kidnappers threaten to cut off their heads

TIJUANA.- The state’s anti-kidnapping unit freed a man and a woman who had been held captive for three days.

The kidnappers had threatened to cut off their heads if their family members did not pay a ransom of 8,200 dollars for each victim.

The state Attorney General’s Office announced Saturday night that the special unit had located the site where the victims were being held, a house in colonia Rancho El Refugio, on the city’s east side.

There, unit members arrested Carlos Alberto and Edgar Uriel Peñuelas Núñez, both 18 years old, and their cousin, Jorge Alberto Núñez López, 35, all from Culiacán in Sinaloa state.

They were accused of aggravated kidnapping and robbing a man, 34, and a woman, 30, who were seize Feb. 15 outside a beauty salon in colonia El Refugio, where they worked.

The kidnappers also allegedly beat a client of the salon who had just arrived in her vehicle as they were leaving in one of the victim’s vehicle.

According to the state authorities, they kidnappers phoned family members demanding a ransom or else they would cut off their heads.

The anti-kidnapping unit was able to locate the victims and carried out an operation to rescue them and arrest their alleged kidnappers.

Authorities believe that the alleged kidnappers are part of a group that is carrying out similar crimes in the same area.


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