Musical fever! CECUT will become a dancefloor for its 41st anniversary

Enjoy more than 10 musical genres and dance the night away on Saturday, October 21

Of all kinds of artistic expressions, none of them reaches us as fast and automatic as music. For many, songs define special moments; they are the face of entire generations. To remember them is to relive a very specific time. And this is precisely what Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) is proposing to do on its 41st anniversary with their event: Gran Salón Tijuana: Agua Caliente.

This Saturday, October 21, starting at 5 PM, CECUT invites all residents of Tijuana to attend the celebration of the 41st anniversary of one of the region's and the city's most significant venues.

The CECUT terrace will be the dancefloor of music that redefined not only past decades but the entire 20th century. Among the musical genres that will be performed there are jazz, big band, swing, rock and roll, twist, A Go-Go, disco music from the 70s and 80s, and tropical genres such as mambo and cumbia, all of which will provide rhythm and flavor on Saturday night. All of these genres were played in Tijuana during their peak at the old Casino Agua Caliente in the first decades of the 20th century.

Casino Agua Caliente
Casino Agua Caliente

Gran Salón Tijuana. An event for the whole family

Admission to enjoy the evening of Gran Salón Tijuana is free for the whole family. Celebrating its 41st anniversary, CECUT will be a dancefloor where the best music to be played in the streets of Tijuana will be played once again.

This great event will also have performances by DJs Ivy Santana, Geovanni Zamudio, and Chucuchú who will play the best musical hits of these genres and decades as well as the setlists that each of them have used in previous monthly dancing cycles at Salón Tijuana.

Left side: Ivy Santana; right upper side: Chuchuchú; right lower side: DJ Geovanni Zamudio
Left side: Ivy Santana; right upper side: Chuchuchú; right lower side: DJ Geovanni Zamudio

At night, there will also be a performance by El Ensamble of Iván Trujillo that will play music starting from the golden age of Casino Agua Caliente, which will include original songs by American trumpeter and orchestra director Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass. During this performance, the Banda Agua Caliente De Tijuana will close the evening in CECUT with their greatest hits.

Dancing hits in Salón Tijuana

CECUT has had monthly dancing events in the last few months with different musical genres. Since the beginning of this event, public's reaction has been a success. People of all ages come here to enjoy an evening to remember their youth and for others it is an opportunity to get closer to golden ages of music that occurred in the last century.

Dozens of people, in an environment full of joy, attend this dancing event which is both a rhythm show and a visual spectacle. Tijuana natives and foreigners relive this through the clothes that were part of fashion in the last few decades, making the event even more special.

Thanks to the success of these evenings in Salón Tijuana, the El Cubo showroom transforms: the floor becomes a dancefloor full of lights. Next, Saturday, October 21, celebrating the 41st anniversary of CECUT, the terrace of this cultural center will become a dancefloor as it welcomes hundreds of residents of Tijuana who will enjoy a unique and emotional evening; a historic and artistic tour through the best music that ever played in Tijuana..

Gran Salón Tijuana: Agua Caliente will be an event for the whole family. It will begin at 5 PM on Saturday, October 21. There will be music, food, and several different drinks, including beer labels and handcrafted wine from the region. Admission is completely free.

For more information about this and many other events in CECUT, check their social media pages:

Instagram: @cecut_mx

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