In Ensenada, the government of Marina del Pilar will build the new IMSS

The advancements in the administration of this place have been disclosed, and they will directly assist those who have the least

The advancements in the administration of this place have been disclosed, and they will directly assist those who have the least.

During a morning press conference, Governor Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda said to tell Baja Californians that she is spearheading efforts to support the development of a new Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) hospital in Ensenada to preserve the health of all inhabitants.

From Ensenada, the president outlined the advancements in space management that would directly help the health of society's poorest and most vulnerable members.

Marina del Pilar added that they worked to ensure that the federal agency had complete clarity about the location of the hospital, which is critical for the Ensenadans, who have been requesting it for several years.

Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda had the assistance of those in charge of Health, Environment, Fisheries, and Tourism: Adrián Medina, Mónica Vega, Alma Garca, and Miguel Aguiiga, as well as other members of the State Cabinet, in this instructive endeavor and responsibility to residents.

On other matters, the Governor stated that the formation of the Ministry of the Environment, which will begin operations on January 1, 2022, would increase the entity's ecosystem inspection and surveillance measures, with a specific focus on Ensenada.

On the other hand, she proposed several funding methods for fish farmers to kick-start the industry and the economic advantages it brings to thousands of people who eat seafood.

He also mentioned a number of governmental measures that would boost tourism in Baja California, such as the operation of a bus route to Valle de Guadalupe, as well as the potential for social tourism, which means that more people will be able to visit the state's sites.

Marina del Pilar State Council of Civil Protection (Instala Marina del Pilar State Council of Civil Protection)
On Wednesday, Governor Marina del Pilar established the State Civil Protection Council in Ensenada, citing the significance of protecting Baja Californians' lives and heritage. The Council's chairman commented on the techniques that would be used in this subject.

It should be highlighted that the Council will be charged with managing public policies aimed at reducing the dangers that the population faces in various natural disasters and maintaining the safety of everyone at all times, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable.

VIDEO: Wednesday morning, December 22, with Marina del Pilar


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