Baja California continues to run under red light because of COVID-19 ; 988 active cases

The Secretary of Health mentioned that between four and seven days will see the effect that had the closure and restriction of various activities in the state

Photo by: Archivo SDR

As of this Saturday morning, active cases showed an increase from 974 to 988, which were reported in Mexicali, from 444 to 482; in addition to Tijuana, where there were 227 and increased to 235. For their part, the accumulated positive cases are already 28 thousand 382, of which Mexicali added 126 new cases, placing a total of 12 thousand 360. While Tijuana reported 73 new cases, bringing the total to 9 thousand 195.

These two large municipalities are also where more lives have been lost due to the COVID-19, after registering, in the case of Tijuana, 13 new deaths, for a total of one thousand 968; in the case of Mexicali, there were 8 new deaths, for a total of one thousand 891 of the 4 thousand 594 registered in Baja California.

According to Pérez Rico, the state has now 465 hospitalized patients confirmed with coronavirus, in addition to 171 intubated patients. This has led the region to observe 64% hospital occupancy yesterday.

"We have been under red for a week now... six days, between four and seven days we are going to start seeing the effect which the beginning of limiting activities had. It is very important that we take care of ourselves, that we stay in our house, that we take good care of ourselves so that we can move on to the much desired orange," commented the Secretary of Health.

Remember that the Effective Reproduction Rate in the entity is 1.5, since there are no decimals in people, as noted by the doctor, a person with COVID-19 can infect two more.

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