CDT bets on entrepreneurship and development for Tijuana

The Tijuana Development Council (CDT) indicated that for the remainder of 2020 and 2021 it will follow up on projects.

Photo by: Saira Peñaloza

The Tijuana Development Council (CDT) is a private initiative institution that works together with the State and Municipal governments of Tijuana to develop long-term economic projects and thus achieve economic development for the city.

This Thursday, the election of the new CDT board of directors was announced virtually, only a few days later they made public their work agenda, in which the architect Luis Lutteroth informed that during the rest of the year they would follow up on certain projects.

The focus, according to the architect, is to participate in dynamics of growth for the whole society, so the activities focused on the social axis will be the most important.

The projects will focus on entrepreneurship and economic development, these will be the main perspective on which it has been decided to go for 2020 and 2021. Likewise, CDT's director, Aarón Victorio, said that they will continue working on a work plan.

With the coronavirus pandemic on the rise in Baja California, it will be important for Tijuana society to pay attention to development projects, so that the economy is not further affected and, finally, to be able to reactivate it.

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