VidBox says goodbye to Mexico

Last option for renting physical movies in the country

Since the streaming services began to gain popularity, the video stores began to disappear. Even giants like Blockbuster ended up perishing. Unfortunately, one of the last options for renting physical films in Mexico has also announced that it will close its doors.

Through a publication on its social networks, VidBox ensured the imminent closure of its operations in Mexico, but not before thanking all its customers for their support over the years. "We inform that Vidbox closes its doors definitively, but not before thanking all of you for this project, which without your help could not have been possible," the company said.

As last big promotion before his farewell, VidBox assured that the rented movies will stop having a recurring charge, that is, they will stop collecting the delays. In addition, and probably to make total cleaning of inventory, absolutely the entire catalog will be available for only $ 20 MXN Peso per item. Yes, although it sounds amazing, you can keep the DVD of your favorite movie for only twenty pesos (approximately less than $1.25 USD)

In the publication many of the users were sad for the end of this service, which was very useful for more traditional people or who liked to remember those old movie nights in the 90s. At least, true moviegoers can take away a very good collection of movies at a very cheap price.

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