A New Telescope in Ensenada Will Allow to See Beyond the Stars

The robotic telescope is installed in the National Astronomical Observatory

Photo by: OAN

Baja California has a National Astronomical Observatory (OAN) located in San Pedro Mártir in Ensenada, where great collaborations and Astronomy investigations have been made.

The arrival of a new robotic telescope named DDOTI to the observatory will allow the observation of gamma-ray flashes, but will also cover large areas of sky from which objects of variable light, such as active nuclei of galaxies, can be observed.

San Pedro Mártir is one of the privileged places for astronomical observation worldwide, the telescope has helped researchers and specialists.

Imágenes de primera luz del cúmulo de galaxias en Virgo por el DDOTI
Imágenes de primera luz del cúmulo de galaxias en Virgo por el DDOTI

The DDOTI has the possibility to observe both the stars and the birth of young stars, as well as molecular clouds and where they originate.

"You can see all the Orion cloud, for example, detect all the bright young objects that can be seen with the optic and give following to these observations, say an hour each night," said researchers Carlos Román of the Institute of Astronomy of the UNAM.

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