Mexico's Leftist Party Submits 32 Legal Petitions For Marijuana Recreational Use

It'll be one for each Mexican state.

The Democratic Revolution Party (Partido de la Revolución Democrática [PRD] in Spanish), announced that it will submit 32 federal legal protections for the recreational use of marijuana to Mexico's Supreme Court.

"This finally opens the door to the failed prohibition policy that has caused one of the most violent episodes in Mexico in the last hundred years", highlighted the national president of the Democratic Revolution Party, Carlos Navarrete Ruíz.

The number of legal protections (called amparos in Mexico) that will be submitted corresponds to every Mexican state, including the Federal District, this is to create the necessary legal precedent and be able to discuss the legalization and regulation of marijuana use.

"It's time that the Mexican state stops spending millions of pesos on the failed war against drug trafficking and starts using it on education programs, comprehensive medical attention, job stimulus, addiction prevention and damage reduction. It's time we take back control of the country", he said to El Universal, said the leader of Youths of the Left of PRD (Jueventudes de Izquierda del PRD), Sergio Leyva Ramírez, to El Universal.

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