The agreement between Qualcomm and 3D Robotics is the beginning of the creation of new generation drones

"When you combine the pleasure of doing something with the pleasure of learning, reading, and knowing, incredible things can be achieved," says Guillermo Romero, operations manager of 3D Robotics, who was a guest at Deitac's Business Mixer last March. Something that was once a hobby for Jordi Munoz and Guillermo Romero is today a success case that has positioned Tijuana's industry as a center for global manufacturing.

In only four years, 3D Robotics has converted itself into one of the largest companies of North America in the manufacturing of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles), which has lead it to receive large support from various investment funds that have allowed it to maintain itself as a leader in the design and construction of drones.

In February of 2015, the company received $50 million dollars in Series C investment from Qualcomm, with which the large American company started a software and hardware cooperation and integration dynamic with 3D Robotics' products.

The agreement between Qualcomm and 3D Robotics is the beginning of the creation of new generation drones, which are smarter, have more functions, and are safer and more precise.

The rapid growth of the company reflects itself in the transformation of the manufacturing center, which was once integrated by three employees to convert itself to a plant of 1,100 square meters with 140 employees. From this plant, there are exports to 44 countries, among them Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and South Africa.

3D Robotics has its headquarters in Berkeley, California, its technological development center in San Diego, its sales and marketing departments in Austin, Texas, and the manufacturing plant and technical support center in Tijuana.

According to Romero, philosophies such as the "do it yourself" (DIY) and Open Source Hardware (OSHW) that include open code movements and free software, have contributed to push new talent by helping them understand how an electronic device works so they can make it, program it, and put into practice their ideas. This makes technological development advancement more rapid by not having to depend on foreign technologies, which can have prohibitive costs.

This open and collaborative philosophy helped 3D Robotics come into being and today helps it grow. All the information regarding 3D Robotics drone hardware and software is openly available, this means that a person can buy their drone and configure the software to give it different uses.

But in order to have more people using drones, it is necessary to make these easier to understand, explained the operations manager. This is why 3D Robotics is currently focused on improving the user's experience, simplifying its use and stylizing the product.

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