Animal Abuse May Become Criminal Act in Baja California

The Law will be put to a vote before Baja State Congress

BAJA CALIFORNIA.- This week, a proposed new penal code statute may be added to Baja California state law, establishing that the punishment for those found guilty of abusing an animal could be up to three years in prison and a fine of 100 minumum salaries.

The new law was proposed by Green Party representative Fausto Gallardo Garcia, who emphasized that a culture of respect and care for animals should be fostered among citizens.

What constitutes animal abuse? According to State penal Code, it specifically includes acts of abuse or cruelty toward animals as the following: causing an animal to unjustifiably die, killing an animal via means other than those established by approved legal norms, or any mean that causes the animal extreme suffering, among other acts.

This initiative was also proposed by various animal rescue organizations and animal adoption organizations that work in the state, as well as the Animalist Attorneys of Tijuana .

The referendum will be put to a vote on September 25th before State Congress.

You can still support the bill by signing a petition, which can be viewed and signed via the platform.


The groups that are dedicated to the rescue and protection of animals still have many other battles to face, which includes attempting to ban circuses using animal acts, and for Baja California to also prohibit bull fighting.


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