Prepare yourself! Tijuana will have a completely sunny and warm week

Meteored shared this weather forecast

Despite summer just being around the corner, heat is just arriving in Tijuana. The city has experienced an unusually cool beginning of the season, but now temperatures are starting to rise with the arrival of sunny and warm days.

Heat will begin to be experienced in Tijuana

According to weather forecast website Meteored, this week the sky will remain mostly clear, which will give way for the sun to get down to business and provide warmer temperatures for the city.

Maximum temperatures will range between 23°C to 25°C throughout the week. It is expected that, starting at noon, UV index will increase which is why it is essential that you use sunscreen.

Residents and visitors of Tijuana are preparing themselves to enjoy activities outdoors and make the most of the good weather that is coming. This, alongside the arrival of summer, is a sign that we will have a perfect weather for tourists to enjoy their vacations and afternoons with their families.

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