Counted election results will confirm victory of Ismael Burgueño as the next mayor of Tijuana

Ismael Burgueño's triumph is about to be confirmed

After district electoral counts, which began yesterday on June 5, were finalized by the State Electoral Institute of Baja Claifornia (IEEBC), the victory of Ismael Burgueño in the June 2 election to become Tijuana's mayor for the 2024-2027 period will be confirmed.

The huge advantage obtained by Morena and its allies, with a 44-point advantage over their closest opponent, according to the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), will be confirmed once all district results are counted. IEEBC will deliver the proof of evidence that confirms that Ismael Burgueño is Tijuana's new elected mayor.

There is a commitment made with Tijuana natives to work every day so that there are better times for Tijuana, which is why we continue to work in meetings with several industries to listen to their concerns, to thank them for their support, and above all, to receive the necessary information about all the issues that we need to address in our city.

Once the potential elected mayor gets his proof of majority vote, he will meet with state governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda to talk to her about Tijuana's projects that need support and help from her administration.

In addition, he will establish institutional channels to begin work to get closer with the current 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana during the transition period and, as such, make sure that operative and administrative activities do not stop at any time.

I reaffirm my commitment with Tijuana natives that I am going to work hand in hand with the men and women that will accompany me in the upcoming administration to give them the best results. I know that we will achieve it because there are a lot of people that continue to support us so that we can have better times for Tijuana.

VIDEO: Morena announces victory of Ismael Burgueño, candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana

[dailymotion title="Morena proclama triunfo de Ismael Burgueño, candidato a la Alcaldía de Tijuana" image="https://dai.ly/x8zjshi" duration="15S"]x8zjshi[/dailymotion]


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