Migrant bear! Bear climbing border wall is discovered

The bear was photographed as it surprised witnesses

Living in the border means being witness to several different unusual situations such as illegal crossings, massive migrant crossings, unexpected border closures, and more. However, a city experienced a more than unusual case.

Migrant bear! Bear climbing border wall is discovered

It was on a Facebook post where a very unusual moment was revealed: it is the photo of a bear climbing the border wall.

This situation took place in the municipality of Naco, Sonora. According to information on the state's fauna, black bears can be found here; however, the photographed bear is apparently a brown bear.

This species of bear used to live here in Mexico and was called the "brown Mexican bear", however, it was declared extinct in 1964, as inhabitants considered them "a plague" and either hunted them or poisoned them.

It should be noted that these sightings are quite usual in the border, not only for this species, but also other animal species that include mammals, reptiles, and insects.

It is unknown if the photographed bear was removed by authorities or if it ran away to safety, taking into account that this is a species that, by their very nature, climb trees.

Informative image
Informative image

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