Montserrat Caballero will transform Tijuana with an investment of more than 1.662 billion pesos

20 million pesos will be invested in a helicopter for patrolling, emergency assistance, and risky situations

With an amount of approximately 1,662,856,679 pesos, mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez revealed to Tijuana natives the Community Improvement Plan "Transforma", with which the 24th Municipal Administration will continue the road to transform the city in 2024.

This is what the mayor said at the central yard of the Municipal Palace:

In this 24th Municipal Administration, we do know what is the road we have to build together and where we want to go. With the implementation of this Community Improvement Plan, Transforma, we are looking for Tijuana natives to get support so that they can keep working together hand in hand.

She added that the budget assigned for these projects and actions responds to the needs of the people and for people speculating that the city was going to run out of money due to the debt settlement, here's a project, the first of its kind in Baja California, that has been presented. All of this is spearheaded by Tijuana.

In front of her cabinet and business and social leaders, Caballero Ramírez emphasized that the transformation is framed around the principles of transparency, honesty, and inclusion based on the two guiding axes of her government: Community Transformation and Transforming Lives.

The mayor explained that in the axis "Transformación Comunitaria", a total amount of 758,406,679 pesos, with resources from the 24th Municipal Administration and the Federal Government, have been invested for 126 projects.

Among them, there are the reconstruction of Bulevar Flores Magón Cuarta Etapa, repair at the El Realito node, repair at Bulevar Héroes de la Independencia and the Tijuana-Tecate freeway; the arrangement of Bulevar Bellas Artes, the MacroPlaza pedestrian bridge, the reconstruction of Calle Mexicali in Colonia Magisterial, paving of Calle Archipiélago; repair at the Santa Fe roundabout, and the paving and drainage system of Cañón del Alacrán.

In addition, 344 million pesos in pothole repair, with a projection of 400,000 square meters in 2024 to reach 1 million square meters of potholes repaired during 3 years of this administration, will be invested.

Caballero Ramírez explained that both the number of projects and the amount investment will grow as the year goes by, thanks to the payment of public debt and the federal resources that are on the way, and it will be reflected in more strategic projects to benefit the population.

In addition, as part of Community Improvement, they will work on installing traffic lights with special attention paid to mobility and citizen security issues, with an amount of 50 million pesos invested.

In this area, they will work in 134 intersections to offer road solutions with smart traffic lights at Bulevar Agua Caliente, Díaz Ordaz, Cuauhtémoc Norte y Sur, Salinas, Federico Benítez, Alberto Limón Padilla, Calzada Tecnológico, Bellas Artes, and Las Américas.

For this year, the mayor announced that they will install 12,000 LED lights with resources equal to 75 million pesos, achieving this way that Tijuana has a total of 51,000 modernized lights in the entire city at all times.

Regarding Prevention and Transformation, she highlighted the emergency fund of 200 million pesos, which will be used for rapid and efficient responses for natural disasters and assistance for the population.

She also highlighted joint efforts between her government and the federal government in projects such as the Elevated Viaduct and the Otay II port of entry.

The mayor of Tijuana also said that in 2024, 20 million pesos will be invested to acquire a helicopter for patrolling, emergency assistance, and risky situations in areas that are difficult to access.

All of these projects and actions are part of the "Transformación Comunitaria" axis and they amount to a little more than 883.4 million pesos, meant for infrastructure and security.

Regarding the "Transformando Vidas" axis, through the Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDETI), they will give an estimated amount of 3,700 credits to young entrepreneurs, heads of families, and seniors in 2024, with total resources amounting to 111,450,000 pesos that are part of the Tijuana Fund Trust.

In the presentation of Transforma, the Secretariat of Municipal Wellbeing stood out as it will use 34 million pesos for community, health, and forestation campaigns, service macro campaigns, economic aid for families of indigenous communities, seniors, people with disabilities, and aid for people in vulnerable conditions of groceries, roofs, construction materials, funerary support, shelter assistance, and immigration.

These strategic projects that are part of the Community Improvement Plan "Transforma" will be carried out with an initial investment of 1,662,856,679 pesos, budget whose goal is to transform lives, communities, and all of Tijuana.

Starting today, this plan will be the compass that will guide us on the way to create conditions that provide the wellbeing that we wish for, because transformation will always be the road that results in more social justice for all Tijuana natives.

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