Governor Marina del Pilar promotes million-dollar investments for Baja California at World Economic Forum in Switzerland

The governor has promoted agreements between executives of world-renowned corporations

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, has promoted a series of agreements in order to finalize and expand investments in the state. This is to generate economic revenue and more job opportunities for Baja Californians. It should be noted that these projects took place through work meetings with executives of internationally renowned companies such as HP, Sempra Infraestructura, and Honeywell.

Meetings took place at the World Economic Forum, where the governor has held meetings with the highest representatives of companies interested in investing and reinvesting in Baja California, while considering the competitiveness and human talent that the state has shown worldwide.

At the venue of this forum in Davos, Switzerland, the governor said in a message that "it is not just about promoting new investments, but also reinvestments, as this reflects the already existing trust in our state and that they are happy in Baja California."

The governor highlighted that, for example, though nearshoring is an economic practice of relocating production chains that is relatively recent in the world, this has been going on in Baja California for more than a century. This is proof of a successful approach between participating companies at this forum in Switzerland.

She also acknowledged President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who has supported the boosting of Baja California regarding sensitive investment issues such as infrastructure, which is an essential part of the progress obtained.

"There are several companies established in Baja California that want to continue investing. This fills us with joy, there is trust in our state, which is why we have become one of the states in Mexico with the highest direct foreign investment," the governor said.

In addition, Marina del Pilar said that public investment has increased with an unprecedented boost in the last two years, achieving more infrastructure projects that make a difference to make Baja California an attractive region for investment. This results in more jobs with better wages for Baja Californian families.

Among the meetings, the standout was the one with the HP Head of Government Relations, Brittany Masalosalo, with whom she addressed the need to boost the talent and positive landscape that the state has to expand the operations of one of the most important technological corporations in the world.

Another relevant meeting was held with Justin Bird, CEO of Sempra Infraestructura, a leading corporation on energy infrastructure. Although it is already in Baja California, it is expected that it soon develops social relevant projects in Baja California, in coordination with the state administration.

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