"Spend your Christmas bonus in Tijuana!", person goes off due to long lines at pedestrian border crossings

His comments have gone viral on social media

It is known that Tijuana has rush hours every day in different areas of the city, especially near the border, where local traffic combines with long waiting times for those wanting to cross to San Diego. These lines, unfortunately, have only been increasing.

“Spend your Christmas bonus in Tijuana!" internet user goes off

This week specifically there was a great number of people at Tijuana's pedestrian border crossings as lines have reached 900 people waiting to cross into the United States.

Though discontent is evident among people who cross daily, there was a specific person who called attention to this on social media after posting a very angry message on a Facebook post.


On this text, this person is asking Tijuana natives to support the city's economy and to spend their Christmas bonus here. He also claimed that he wouldn't wait and waste so much time in pedestrian lines just to cross.

This comment was made due to the long lines and pedestrian waiting times at the Tijuana-San Diego ports of entry, where it has taken people up to 6 hours just to cross.

This opinion was taken humorously by many and a screenshot of this message has been shared whenever there's a post about waiting at the port of entry.

It should be noted that last Saturday, December 9, the port of entry known as "El Chaparral" closed its gates indefinitely, which increased the number of people in other available ports of entry. Adding to this, the Christmas shopping season has created a higher influx of people which has caused discontent among many people, especially those who are expecting to get to their jobs very early in the morning.

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