Valle de Guadalupe will be the venue of the international tourist project "Reinos de México": Marina del Pilar

Governor Marina del Pilar officially designated the town Sassi, located in Valle de Guadalupe, as a new, world-renown tourist destination part of Reinos de México

Today, May 29, 2023, Governor Marina del Pilar was in Tlaxcala to unveil the Val’Quirico plaque which recognizes it as the first Reino de los Reinos de México (Kingdom of the Kingdoms of Mexico), tourist program whose main goal is to preserve the cultures of Mexico, while boosting tourism from Mexican and world citizens in specific areas of the country. In addition, it was determined that Baja California will be venue of the Sassi del Valle project, a space of international tourism promotion that will pay tribute to Valle de Guadalupe and the entire state, while opening the door to visitors of Mexico and the world.

During the presentation of Reinos de México and Val’Quirico, the first project of this program located in the municipality of Tetlatlahuca, Tlaxcala, the governor highlighted that the preparation for this program lasted more than one year in coordination with the government of Mexico, civil society, and the members of the tourism industry of Baja California.

During her speech, Marina del Pilar thanked Reinos de México and its head, Adolfo Blanca; the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués; and the governor of Tlaxcala, Lorena Cuéllar, for working together to create a designation that promotes tourism and strengthens an economic activity that is essential for the economy of families.

It should be noted that at this event the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Zhang Run, and the ambassador of Italy in Mexico, Luigi de Chiara, were present which confirms the importance of this activity. Marina del Pilar also acknowledged the coordination that has been held with the mayor of Ensenada, Armando Ayala Robles.

On the other hand, she highlighted the participation of members of the administrative council of Val’Quirico, a touristic complex that will include a space based on Baja Californian missions, paying tribute to the importance of these key spaces to understand the history of this country.

“Val’Quirico has an endless capacity to surprise everyone who visits, because of the care that has been aken in this unique place in the entire American continent, where thousands of families can have a great time, enjoy its gastronomy, and rest from the noisiness of the cities, from this beautiful and calm state of Tlaxcala, generous like few are in its deep cultural roots,” she said, saying that in just 2022 this complex received more than 900 national and international tourists.

In addition, the governor expressed confidence that tourism is a fundamental pillar to build economic growth based on the fair distribution of wealth, through a model that allows for adequate wages, labor rights, community integration, and respect of the environment.

“Baja California is a very special land: its border characteristics allowed us to received hundreds of thousands of families, from all over the country and other countries, which joined together to build with their hands a vibrant and diverse identity, which sustains a dynamic and cutting-edge economy, and as a government we have the challenge of translating this into a future full of hope and wellbeing for all,” she stated.

Regarding this new project in Baja California, Governor Marina del Pilar stated that the spirit of the first Italian missions will be recreated there, which is a pillar and root of Baja Californian culture, and she recalled the thousands of explorers from all the over the world who arrived in this land in what is known as the state of Baja California, which is why this area will recreate this spirit of exploration and adventure.

The governor added that this joint project also demonstrates the complete recovery of Baja California after the COVID-19 pandemic, as it has consolidated itself as a priority tourism destination nationally and internationally, as shown by the arrivals of constant cruises in the port of Ensenada.

“Sassi del Valle will not just be a magical place: it will also allow us Baja Californians to share with you and the entire world our winemaking excellence, our gastronomy, and local commerce,” Marina del Pilar, pointing out that Valle de Guadalupe is actually the last mission that was built in Baja California which is why it has greater symbolic value.

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