Going to Playas de Tijuana? 3 alternate routes to avoid the traffic at Cañón del Matadero

The municipal administration is asking the people of Tijuana to use alternate routes to prevent traffic accidents

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana has created three alternate routes as a preventive measure due to the landslide that occurred at the level of Cañón del Matadero in direction to Playas de Tijuana. This was done in order to prevent accidents and create vehicular relief as the last few days have been filled with long and slow periods of traffic.

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, stated that it is necessary to decrease traffic in this access, especially with heavy load trucks in order to stop the road from deteriorating further. The mayor’s indications are to use alternate routes, where pothole repair and public lighting works are being carried out in order to make driving through them easier.

These access roads are Cañón Rosas, Cañón Palmeras, and Segundo Acceso.

Here are the maps of these three alternate routes to make their access easier for you:

Cañón Rosas to Playas de Tijuana

Cañón de las Palmeras to Playas de Tijuana

Segundo Acceso to Playas de Tijuana

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