These are the areas in California with snow that are open to the public

Past snowstorms caused several areas to be closed due to public risk

Photo by: Big Bear Facebook Group

Snow in winter is one of the biggest attractions in the mountainous areas of California, where families travel to enjoy an incredible afternoon playing in the snow.

It should be noted that during the last few weeks, these regions were hit by one of the strongest snowstorms that residents have ever experienced, especially those at Big Bear. This also caused dangerous conditions for roads, forests, and infrastructures; this is why access was closed to several mountainous areas. Some areas currently open to the public are:

  • Big Bear
  • Wrightwood
  • Mammoth Mountain
  • McCloud
  • Soda Springs
Mike GtzVqz
Mike GtzVqz

Each of these areas has several resorts, towns, and tourist areas for everyone’s tastes, which is why you will have fun no matter what coming here. It should be noted that there is currently a rain forecast for San Bernardino for Friday afternoon and Saturday, March 11 morning, so if you’re thinking of traveling, keep an eye on these weather forecasts.

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