Biker Grinch delivers smiles to Tijuana citizens this Christmas

Every December, The Grinch riding a motorcycle appears in the streets of Tijuana to bring joy to Tijuana natives

One of Tijuana’s main characteristics is that it is home to a variety of individuals of all classes and races, not only from Mexico but from several parts of the world. It is not unusual to find people from remote countries, whose languages we probably have never heard; it is also not strange, among this diversity, to find characters from fantastical worlds; it is not strange to find The Grinch in the streets, riding a motorcycle in the city of Tijuana.

During these holidays, the Grinchmas Biker, a citizen of Tijuana, has become more popular as he travels through the avenues and boulevards of the city, playing Christmas’ #1 enemy.

"Charly" Guillén, a professional mechanic, is the person behind the mask. In addition to his profession, he is also a delivery app driver who uses his motorcycle. It was in this moment where he came up with the idea of making his deliveries disguised as The Grinch; that way, he could work and, at the same time, bring joy to Tijuana natives.

He started to use this costume just one year ago, on December 1st, 2021, when Christmas festivities were just beginning to be felt. This year, he continued with this idea and people received it in the best way possible. Charly has said that, in each trip, people approach him to ask him for a photo or to joke around about the character. His popularity was so successful that he has even been hired for events, such as Christmas posadas.

Charly says that disguising himself as The Grinch fills him with joy due to the fact that he is bringing happiness to others. Both children and adults, and poor and rich people. This activity, which he is doing for a second time this December, is a non-profit activity, only done to bring some joy to people.

He also speaks about how The Grinch is an important character for these holidays, as his heart grows during Christmas, being one of the most important values of this holiday season.

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