Montserrat Caballero in free fall: she is among the worst rated mayors in Mexico

Montserrat Caballero’s career as mayor, one year after she came into office, has always been in free fall

The performance by Tijuana mayor, Montserrat Caballero, has been, since her beginning as the head of this border city, in a constant downwards spiral. This has been the style that has characterized the career of first female mayor Montserrat Caballero; this has been shown by the recent polls carried out by the platform Massive Caller.

In their approval ratings ranking, first place is taken by mayor Jesús Nava de Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, from the Movimiento Ciudadano party with 66.7%. However, Tijuana mayor, Montserrat Caballero was ranked #93 of 120 rated mayors. With an approval rating of 27.8%, lower than the average of November when she obtained 29.8%, Montserrat Caballero reflects decently her own performance.

I have said decently because the situation in Tijuana doesn’t reflect exactly the averages reached by the mayor. The climate of insecurity and crime, street public lighting, garbage recollection services, prevention exercises by municipal police, all of these actions that should at least make sure that crimes are not committed in broad daylight don’t fulfill expectations.

This is shown by the results of the “Trustworthiness Perception Index” ranking, where she only was approved by 19.9% of the Tijuana native population, which means that she is ranked #82 on this list, distinguishing herself as one of the mayors that is the least trusted among her people.

Regarding security and crime, citizens once more disapprove of the mayor’s job. Since she came into office, insecurity perception has considerably increased. Tijuana natives don’t feel safe with Montserrat Caballero as the head of the city. In this list, she is ranked #97 with a 55.5% perception of insecurity, being one of the worst rated mayors.

This is all already normal for Montserrat Caballero, who has one of the lowest approval ratings of any Mexican leader. A few days ago, the results of approval ratings in open town halls were published and Tijuana was ranked among the worst. True to her style, the mayor said that she didn’t care about these results, but that they should matter to her councilors, who she encouraged to work better.

A few days ago, regarding violence in the city, she tried to make a statement about these incidents, saying that what was happening in the city of Tijuana was not her responsibility, but of the state and the federation. Regardless, one can see the evidence that she is incompetent as a public official.

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