Grill Prime Steakhouse is ranked as the best restaurant in Tijuana

It is first place in a Top 20 list posted by website Tips para Tu Viaje

Tijuana is known for having an exquisite gastronomy and a lot of its restaurants currently offer original and delicious dishes while also having a relaxed atmosphere, ideal to take your family or partner.

But among all of these, Grill Steakhouse in Tijuana is the one that wins the award as the best restaurant in the city, according to a vote that took place at website Tips para Tu Viaje. And why is that? This is a very easy question to answer, and it is because it has a wine offering that even the best wine taster will appreciate, as well as dishes that include everything from meat to lobster. All of this makes Grill Steakhouse worthy of this award.

The owner Héctor Kabande, who opened this restaurant in 2011, is not alien to the restaurant life, since his father opened Hotel Lucerna in Mexicali. On their official website, Grill Prime Steakhouse claims that their seafood is 100% fresh.

In addition to this, all of their meat is USDA Prime, which is a very exclusive kind of meat; only 2% of meat in the world gets labeled with this category. “If we say that we have the best meat than anywhere else, it is because it is so,” their website states.

Héctor wanted to open a restaurant in Tijuana with the highest quality so that people could celebrate with their family and friends. So if you want to spend a great time here, while listening to classic music like Frank Sinatra, you can’t miss going to this gastronomic paradise in Tijuana.

If you want to try the best high-quality meat, go to this restaurant located at Calle Escuadrón 201, Colonia Aviación, 22014 Tijuana, B.C.

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