SDSU will build a Cinematic Arts Academic Center & Library in Chula Vista

San Diego State University will move its center of studies to the south of the county

With an investment of $89 million dollars, the city of Chula Vista will build a Cinematic Arts Academic Center & Library which will have state-of-the-art technology so that future generations can make the best out of it.

San Diego State University will bring its cinematic, television, and new media production programs to the city of Chula Vista. As part of this research project, it will build the first library of the city since 1995.


These multi-use facilities will be more open to the public and will be used for educational and industrial purposes and activities, as well as common and public uses.

Something else to note, is that it will be the first library of its type and will have soundstages, projection rooms, and additional services to promote cinematic innovations and excellence, according to official sources from the city of Chula Vista.

The Cinematic Arts Academic Center & Library will be located at 1775 Millenia Avenue in Otay Ranch and will bring high education access to a part of the region that currently lacks a first-rate studies and specialized research center.

“After decades of planning, we are ready to break ground with an SDSU program that will advance our vision for a 21st century university,” Mayor Mary Salas said, stating that she feels very happy that San Diego State University is the first institution to implement their study program in the city.

“Libraries open up a pathway to a lifetime love of reading and learning. Chula Vista has not had a new library constructed since 1995, so it is exciting to see the vision of that project expanded to include this joint venture between the City and our educational partners, which will also expand additional higher education opportunities in the South Bay region,” Senate President Pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins stated.

The city of Chula Vista has everything necessary to host any university institutions. It is the second biggest city in San Diego County with 277,220 inhabitants. There are more than 50 square mils of ocean, hillside, and road landscapes. It is also one of the safest cities in the United States according to the city’s government page.

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