“Organized crime must collect the debt of those that didn’t pay” - Montserrat Caballero, Tijuana mayor

The mayor of Tijuana sent a very questionable message after the violent acts that took place on Friday, August 12

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On Friday, August 12 2022, after violent acts occurred in Baja California with Tijuana being the most affected city, Tijuana mayor Montserrat Caballero, sent a message regarding this matter.

Her message, in contrast with what any person would expect, is quite vague. She states that no Tijuana native will suffer the consequences of those who didn’t pay their debt. A moment later, she says that Tijuana will be taking care of its people and once again, states, that organized crime must collect the debt of those that didn’t pay.

Monserrat Caballero’s words are quite alarming, since she is talking openly about how freely organized crime is able to commit crimes without any response from authorities. They may even be colluded with these criminals.

When she says that those responsible for these violent acts must collect the debt of those who didn’t pay, what kind of debt does the mayor think they should collect? In the world of organized crime, a debt is paid with murder.

The message ends up stating that 2,000 police officers and 3,000 National Guard officers will be watching over the streets of Tijuana, if it’s necessary. However, so far this year, these same officers have been unable to stop the violence in this border city.

Montserrat Caballero reiterates that she and authorities will remain vigilant of these acts, which seems true. Since the useless response by authorities when it comes to guaranteeing safety for all people, lacking plans and strategies, means that authorities are simply inert spectators that will make sure that nothing of consequence happens.

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