Pork rind taco with green salsa by “Tacos Varios La Perla” delights in Tijuana

Our host claimed that the sauce was well balanced

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Taocs Varios La Perla” located at Calle Leona Vicario in Zona Río. On this occasion, he tried two tacos: a pork rind taco with green salsa and a rib taco with morita sauce both priced at $1.25 dollars ($25 pesos).

Rib Taco With Morita Salsa

This taco has rib with morita chili pepper, a bed of beans, a bed of rice, and two corn tortillas. The first thing Chef Danny noticed was the size of the taco as well as the amount of stew served, with him claiming that one could easily make two tacos out of it. The main worry was that the tortillas would not be able to stand the weight of it all.

When he took his first bite, Chef Danny he realized this wasn’t the case. The tortillas were soft and hydrated well. The rib meat also had a soft texture and though the sauce had a good flavor due to the morita pepper, the saltiness level was higher than usual. This, along with the intensity of other ingredients, overshadowed other flavors such as the beans and the rice. This is why this taco gets a rating of 8.2.

Price: $1.25 dollars ($25 pesos)

Pork Rind Taco with Green Salsa

This taco has pork rind with green sauce, a bed of beans, a bed of red rice, and is served on two corn tortillas which were handmade. The green sauce drenching the pork rind made it somewhat solid, unlike other salsas, which are usually very liquid.

When he tried it, Chef Danny claimed that the sauce was balanced well since the acidity of the husk tomato contrasted ideally. The pork rind also had meat pieces, which is a plus, considering that in other places the pork rind skin tends to become limp very quickly. This one, however, had more flavor. In this taco, Danny was able to notice the different flavors between the beans and the rice. This is why this taco gets a rating of 8.3.

Price: $1.25 dollars ($25 pesos)

“Tacos Varios La Perla” is not registered in Google Maps, but you can find them at the following location:

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