New attraction in Tijuana: swing inaugurated at Cerro Colorado

The community has been asked to take care of the swing and use it correctly

Last Thursday, July 21, 2022, Tijuana unveiled a new and colorful sign where one can read “Cerro Colorado” and that accompanies a spectacular view of the city. The Facebook group “Viva Tijuana” invites everyone to visit it.

This is not all, however, for a few days later there was an inauguration for a swing in this same area. It is ideal to take pictures and, just like the sign, it will give you an excellent view of the city .

Take care of it and use it well. Teach children to respect it so that more generations can enjoy it… Enjoy this space with your family, friends, or alone,” a statement by this new attraction’s Facebook page says.

Both the new sign and the swing are looking to attract people who love hiking. It should be noted that these are all actions by Viva Tijuana, in order to make this area more attractive for the community .

From Viva Tijuana’s Facebook page you will be able to obtain information in case you want to hike and visit these new attractions.

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