“Tacos El Compita” in Tijuana excels due to their handmade tortillas

Chef Danny tried a chorizo taco and suadero taco here

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Tacos El Compita” located at Misión de Santo Tomás Río Eufrates, Colonia Infonavit Capistrano. On this occasion, he tried two tacos: a suadero taco and a chorizo taco, both priced at $1.1 dollars ($22 pesos).

Chorizo Taco

This taco has chorizo, onion, cilantro, green sauce, guacamole, and is served on two handmade corn tortillas. The first thing to highlight here was the great flavor of the tortillas, which were heated in the grill, which is why they had some smoked touches. Chef Danny claimed that the green salsa has the ideal acidity balance, without a lot of water, which is why it didn’t taste diluted.

The chorizo, though it had the smoked flavors of the grill and an intense red color, was lacking in flavor. For Chef Danny, it was missing that “punch” that comes from spices that characterizes chorizo. He reiterated that both the tortillas and the sauce were quite good which is why this taco gets a rating of 7.9.

Price: $1.1 dollars ($22 pesos)

Suadero Taco

This taco has suadero, onion, coriander, guacamole, green sauce, and is also served on two handmade corn tortillas. When he took his first bite, Chef Danny said that these tortillas had very soft textures, which makes him believe that they were cooked and heated up in the skillet.

In addition, the suadero was very soft and had a great flavor. The only thing Chef Danny thought was missing was that he felt that the meat needed to be fried on the outside, which would have improved its taste. Though the salsa was spicy, our host decided to suck it up and take the spiciness’ great flavor. This is why this taco gets a rating of 8.1.

Price: $1.1 dollars ($22 pesos)

“Tacos El Compita” is not registered in Google Maps, but you can find them at the following location:

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