Pork chop taco flavor surprises at “Tacos Las Cazuelas” in Tijuana

Chef Danny tried a sauce that was too hot for him

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Tacos Las Cazuelas” located at Calzada Tecnológico, Otay. On this occasion he tried two tacos: a pork chop taco and a marinated chicken taco, both priced at $1.4 dollars ($28 pesos).

Marinated Chicken Taco

Something interesting to note about this place is that the tacos are served only with the stew on the tortillas and, as its name suggests, there are a bunch of casseroles with several different garnishes and side dishes so that the client can prepare them however they want. Chef Danny decided to use cilantro, onion, and red sauce.

The first thing that Danny noticed when he tried the taco was the spicy salsa. The chicken was marinated and the flavor of this mix has sweet touches such as orange. The chicken’s flavor is intense since it is not breast, but leg and thigh. There are also skin pieces, but since they weren’t fried, it was a little chewy. The tortillas had a good flavor and a smooth texture though their size was small. This is why this taco gets a rating of 7.4.

Price: $1.4 dollars ($28 pesos)

Pork Chop Taco

Just like with the previous taco it has two tortillas, a pork chop cut into slices, and Chef Danny added nopales which were mixed with onion and bird’s beak chili pepper, and purple onion with habanero pepper. Though he still felt the spicy flavor from the previous taco, he decided to add these ingredients to the pork since it is normally served with these vegetables.

When he tried the taco, Chef Danny claimed that the pork chop flavor reminds him of the Japanese marinated style with soy sauce and sesame oil. Both the onion and the nopales had a great flavor that complemented the pork chop quite well. On this occasion, our host would have preferred a bigger tortilla to appreciate the protein and the complements best. This is why this taco gets a rating of 8.3.

Price: $1.4 dollars ($28 pesos)

“Tacos Las Cazuelas” are not registered in Google Maps, but you can find them in the following location:

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