Pale watery guacamole gives “Tacos Los Primos” in Tijuana a rating of 7.7

Although two tacos were served on the same type of tortilla, one felt drier and harder

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Tacos Los Primos” located at Boulevard Cucapah 21447. On this occasion he tried two tacos: an adobada taco priced at $1 dollar ($20 pesos) and a tripe taco priced at $1.9 dollars ($38 pesos).

Tripe Taco

This taco has tripe, guacamole, onion, sauce and is served on a packaged corn tortilla. The first thing that Danny said was that the guacamole looked a little dark which he hoped wouldn’t affect the taco’s flavor. When he tasted it, he knew right away that it was watery guacamole, the flavor was too subtle so it didn’t distinguish itself.

Despite being a packaged tortilla, it wasn’t dry which was a plus. The sauce was slightly spicy and the tripe had a good flavor as well as a soft texture. However, for Danny’s taste, it needed a crispy factor that is obtained when left to fry in oil or grilled. It should be noted that this depends on each person’s taste, but for our chef it was something that was lacking in this taco. This is why it gets a rating of 7.4.

Price: $1.9 dollars ($38 pesos)

Adobada Taco

This taco is served on a packaged tortilla with adobada meat, onion, coriander, bird beak’s chili sauce, and watery guacamole. Danny repeated that its color was quite strange and darker than it usually is. This color could only be seen on the surface, which is why he decided to remove it from the taco.

Chef Danny claimed that the meat had a good color and adobo, which had some sweet notes. One could notice the flavor of pineapple and a lot of condiments that are very similar to chorizo. He added that it was a little dry since it was griddled after being taken from the stick. Despite the tortilla being similar to the previous taco, it was harder and drier. This is why this taco gets a rating of 7.7.

Price: $1 dollars ($20 pesos)

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