Marina del Pilar and UNAM members present Northeastern Research and Teaching Center in Tijuana

This place’s goal is to deeply analyze the different situations of Baja California

Photo by: redes sociales

Along with UNAM authorities, led by dean Enrique Graue Wiechers, Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar held an event at the new facilities of the Northeastern Research and Teaching Center (ENID) “Héctor Felipe Fix-Fierro” in Tijuana.

Ávila Olmeda said that, besides academic education, ENID personnel will focus on solving problems derived from cross-border dynamics and will develop a judicial regional, plural, and solid methodology-based research focus so that it can be applied to Baja California’s sociocultural reality.

The governor said that research will be developed with deep intellectual foundations, political impartiality, and, above all, with a deep sense of social utility vocation that will positively impact our state and region.

For his part, UNAM dean underscored that the institution has been present for decades in Ensenada and San Pedro Mártir, and is now spreading its presence to the border by having its facilities in Tijuana.

He explained that, through several different disciplines, the complexity of migration and cross-border phenomena will be addressed from a global perspective. Regarding the national and international migration issue that the region is experiencing, UNAM dean reflected that “that way, our border becomes a sense of hope for them, making our cross-border boundaries the greatest in the world.”

ENID has existed for seven years and a half in Tijuana but finally has its own facilities. They consist of, in their first stage, 2,000 square meters of construction with classrooms, cubicles, auditorium, offices, and a library with over 27,000 judicial copies, as well as other facilities.

At the event the following people were present: Guadalupe Valencia García, Humanities UNAM Coordinator; Pedro Salazar Ugarte, UNAM Judicial Research Institute Director; Luis Agustín Álvarez Icaza Longoria, UNAM Administrative Secretary; Juan Vega Gómez, ENID Director as well as researcher Marina del Pilar Olmeda García as a special guest.

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