Marina del Pilar and the business sector position Baja California as leader in economic stability

She claimed that Baja California’s economy is rising thanks to local entrepreneurs

Acknowledging the importance of the business sector for the region’s development, Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda underscored her efforts in making sure that the rule of law in the state guarantees judicial certainty in order to attract more entrepreneurs to invest in Baja California.

During her participation in the 50th anniversary celebration of company Poly Mexico, one of the most prestigious industrial institutions of the country and the world, the governor underscored the importance of building alliances between authorities and the business sector.

She pointed out that thanks to the efforts and coordination between business leaders and the government of Baja California, the state is now first place as a stable economy according to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) and its State Competitiveness Index.

"Today we are working with all of our hearts and acknowledging the great work done by the business sector. I am sure that if the Baja Californian economy continues to rise is because entrepreneurs and the government are working together as a team", she said.

She also acknowledged the more than 3,600 collaborators of Poly Mexico who work in Tijuana who, with their dedication and intelligence, have managed to won important awards nationally and internationally

Regarding this company, Ávila Olmeda highlighted that for half a century Baja Californian high technology has been exported to all corners of the world, putting the state’s reputation quite high since products have been developed here with the highest standards of quality.

"Poly is a company that has obtained awards all over the world and this makes it so that every investor turns their attention to Tijuana and Baja California so they can invest too", the Baja Californian Governor stated.

She also highlighted the social responsibility programs hoisted by Poly Mexico, which are focused on being the bearer of several causes, showing that these are businessmen who put their hearts first and are worried about the environment in which they grow and develop themselves.

An example of this is that Poly Mexico, through its executive vice president, Alejandro Bustamente, promoted cross-border vaccination during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing their employees to get the vaccine in US territory. A historical act that demonstrated the company’ s commitment.

Thank you very much for contributing so that we can live in a better world, so that Baja California continues to be a great place to live.

For his part, Baja Californian Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales highlighted the importance of the rule of law and how Poly Mexico, throughout its 50 years, has put forward an example on how to build a community.

At this event, high Poly representatives from Mexico and the US were present as well as several officials from the Baja California state government.

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