What is the best cancer clinic in Mexico?

These are the benefits of ITC’s alternative cancer treatment and why it is better than chemotherapy

Located in Tijuana, Immunity Therapy Center offers a great variety of alternative natural and effective cancer treatment options. Each patient has their own health and a different type of disease, and the multiple options of a holistic cancer treatment and the ability of combining them in a personalized cancer treatment program gives them the best opportunity to improve their quality of life, improve their prognosis, and obtain remission.

What is the best cancer hospital in Mexico?

This medical center has been witness to amazing stories of patients’ success. A lot of them come to these facilities after trying chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and conventional medicine. The experience and skills of Dr. Bautista in alternative cancer therapy allows him to personalize unique and comprehensive programs that generally achieve higher survival rates compared to only conventional treatments.

Its individual success rate will depend on a series of factors which include:

  • Your specific diagnosis
  • Your current condition
  • Your medical history

During your initial telephone consultation, Dr. Bautista will be honest with you about how much he can help you with an alternative cancer treatment. If you’re looking for an alternative treatment plan at Immunity Therapy Center, his promise is to do everything possible to give you the best chance at recovery and help you feel like yourself once more.

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Cancer Patient Testimonial

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You have a lot of options when it comes to your cancer treatment. One of these options is to consider supplementary and alternative medicine, which means products and medical practices that are not part of standard medical care.

Cancer patients can use supplementary and alternative medicine to:

  • Help face cancer treatment side effects
  • Reduce worries regarding cancer treatment and the stress it causes

Supplementary and alternative treatments don’t work for everyone, but some methods such as acupuncture can help you reduce nausea, pain, and other cancer treatment side effects. Speak with your doctor to make sure all aspects of the treatment are working together and appropriately.

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However, ITC is aware that not everyone has the financial means to pay totally or partially for their treatments and that there are medical insurances who won’t cover the treatment because it is an alternative one. This is why we offer several payment methods. Some of these are:

1. Weekly payments

Immunity Therapy Center has 3 week treatment programs, which is the minimum time commitment that doctors ask of patients so as to make an impact in the patient's health. However, you don’t need to pay for the three weeks at the same time since you have the option to pay weekly.

This is an excellent option since it doesn’t involve any banks that can create interest which, in turn, becomes impossible to pay.

2. Med Loan Finance

You can always use Med Loan Finance which is a company that is in charge of finding the perfect option for every patient’s needs. They are financial medical loan advisers and work with people with all kinds of credit histories. It is thanks to their large base of loaners and providers that they make it possible to get great medical financing.

3. Abacus Life

Abacus Life has been helping elderly people pay for their necessary treatments for more than 15 years. This company is proud of accompanying and helping those people with life insurance with serious diseases such as cancer. This will help the patient to focus only on getting healthier while fighting their disease.


AMHA is one of the most successful companies when it comes to making sure that patients’ medical bills are paid quickly and effectively, since it often happens that patients are in trouble because their medical insurers don’t want to pay the costs. However, American Medical Health Alliance (AMHA) are experts in preparing medical bills and have been acting for a while as advocates of patients of alternative medical groups.

It should be noted, however, that Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO are not eligible in this medical center.

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Testimonials from people treated at ITC

1) Patricia Gale

Patricia Gale from New Jersey was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in January 2021. Her active daily life was suddenly stopped when metastasis got inside her spine and left her paralyzed. The life she once knew and loved had changed drastically, and she knew she needed to look for help. Patricia was looking for the best place for her and her instincts led her to choose ITC treatment.

“Everyone in the ITC staff was very warm and kind, which gave me another layer of healing. To always feel safe, respected and taken care of by ITC staff made me feel very confident about my choice.”

When she arrived at ITC, Patricia was completely paralyzed. After only one ITC treatment, she was able to move her toes. After that first treatment, Patricia recovered her hope of walking once more. Immunity Therapy Center created a personalized treatment plan for Patricia that consists of nutrition, heat therapy, and much more that allowed her to achieve her dream of leaving ITC by walking out.

2) Jack Conkey

Jack was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and, as a result, lived a life of extreme pain. This was the third time Jack was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Jack’s conventional doctor gave him chemotherapy and other treatments, but he started to give up and told Jack that his days were numbered. However, Jack refused to give up and started to receive treatment from Immunity Therapy Center.
Jack said that staff told him: “They are going to attack my cancer and get rid of as much as possible and cure my body.” These treatments helped Jack’s body and immunity system to get rid of the cancer. The time that Jack spent at Immunity Therapy Center showed Jack that “there are other forms of treatment aside from conventional ones… please, come here and let them help you get rid of your cancer.”

3) Debbie Halper

“Immunity Therapy Center saved my life and I hope that it can save yours as well.”
On March 14, Debbie was diagnosed with a rare type of periampullary and liver cancer. Her doctors told her that her diagnosis was essentially a death sentence.

After extensive research, Debbie discovered ITC online and decided it was worth a try. She started her alternative liver cancer treatment on May 1st and was impressed by the incredible staff and their dedication to help people with apparently hopeless diagnosis.

After only 6 weeks of treatment, Debbie’s liver cancer had completely disappeared! Due to this, her oncologist in California was able to create a treatment plan to eliminate the periampullary cancer so she could continue her life free of cancer.

“I am here to tell you that if you have cancer and if you have been given a hopeless diagnosis, there is hope!

Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico | Survivor Testimonials

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Why do people go to Mexico when they have cancer?

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis that affects millions worldwide and requires immediate medical attention. To fulfill the need for specialized care, many are taking their fight to Mexico – an increasingly popular destination due to its comprehensive range of treatments available at accessible prices. In this article, we'll take a look into why so many put themselves in the hands of Mexican cancer specialists when it comes to life-changing decisions such as these.

Cost of Treatment:
Mexico has been offering high-quality cancer treatments at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries. This allows people who were previously unable to afford these costly procedures access life saving care, enabling them new opportunities for successful treatment outcomes.

Alternative Treatments:
In Mexico, individuals can pursue unconventional cancer treatments that go beyond traditional methods like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These alternative options include herbal remedies, nutritional therapies, and other natural means to support overall wellbeing during the course of treatment.

Access to Treatments Not Available in Their Home Country:
Mexico provides medical explorers with the opportunity to access treatments that may be off-limits in other countries. For instance, various cancer therapies not yet approved by FDA are available south of America's borders - allowing those searching for innovative healthcare solutions a chance to seek out potentially life-saving alternatives abroad.

Proximity to Home:
With its close proximity to the U.S. and Canada, Mexico is becoming a popular destination for cancer treatment due to its easy access and promptness of care - ideal features that are especially crucial for those who require ongoing visits with their medical team abroad.


Is it safe to go to Mexico for cancer treatment?

Mexico is an viable option for cancer treatment, as long as patients take the necessary steps to ensure they are getting quality care. Researching facilities thoroughly beforehand can help provide peace of mind when traveling abroad for medical needs.

What types of cancer treatments are available in Mexico?
Mexico is a leader in innovative cancer treatments, offering comprehensive options such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery to name a few. Patients can also explore alternative therapies for their potential benefits.

Is cancer treatment in Mexico cheaper than in other countries?
Patients seeking cancer treatment can find an attractive option in Mexico due to its comparatively low costs compared to the United States and Canada.

How do I choose a reputable cancer treatment facility in Mexico?
Making a decision about the right cancer treatment facility in Mexico can be overwhelming. To ensure quality care, patients should take time to research their options and check reviews. Additionally, asking for personalized recommendations from healthcare providers or people who have been through similar experiences may help with finding the best fit.

Will my insurance cover cancer treatment in Mexico?
Have questions about international cancer treatment coverage? It's important to carefully review your insurance policy, as treatments abroad may not be included in the same way they are domestically. Reach out to your provider today for more information and greater peace of mind!

To learn more about the center and its therapies, visit the following link. This could be the life opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico | Survivor Testimonials

Call us at MedBaja Services on (619)333-6066 to find out more about this cheap, revolutionary, and holistic approach to cancer treatment, or fill out the form below so we may contact you immediately.


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