IPA beer is most popular in Tijuana and San Diego: Baja Window to the South

On this episode of Baja Window to the South, Raúl Aispuro was a special guest

Photo by: Amie Johnson on Unplash

Baja Window to the South reveals to American citizens everything that Baja California has to offer, from cultural to artistic and gastronomic wonders. Baja California’s gastronomy has several dishes and interesting drinks to offer but not many people know that Tijuana has very different craft beer styles to offer.

To talk about this topic, the President of Tijuana’s Brewers' Association, Raúl Aispuro, was present as a guest where he stated that Tijuana is the “Craft Beer Capital of all of Mexico”, because most awards granted regarding craft beer are given to Tijuana brewers.

He added that Tijuana has more breweries than anywhere else in the country, but only 16 are currently producing due to the issues brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, not only for this sector, but all kinds of businesses.

Baja California also has brewers in Mexicali, Ensenada, San Felipe, Rosarito, Tecate, and San Quintin, showing how this sector has brought together all the municipalities of the state. Raúl added that it is hard to identify the type of beers produced in the region because every brewery launches different mixes each season, as well as their regular all-year styles. However, he is sure that IPA is the most popular beer in Tijuana and San Diego.

Aispuro said that the Tijuana and San Diego border area is united thanks to craft beer brewers, who are in constant communication between each other to learn from each other, creating this way a complete sole beer region between the two cities. He emphasized that any American in Baja California will be able to find a beer that they like and touches their soul.

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