Top 15 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

These experts shared the 15 characteristics that all entrepreneurs who want to reach the top should have

There are elements of successful entrepreneurs that are basic, regardless of the business idea.

For many successful founders, such as Ilana Golan (founder of Golan Ventures Inc.), perseverance is one of the most vital traits for any entrepreneurial spirit since "this is an extremely tough journey” and requires a lot of courage.

The truth is that the characteristics of any successful entrepreneur are a set of skills that are part of a personality capable of taking risks from a responsible point of view and that, to a large extent, are based on self-confidence.

That is why now, I’d like to share with you the top 15 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. It is important to highlight that you do not necessarily need to have all these skills since you will acquire many of them along the way, thanks to practice plus having an optimistic and persevering attitude.

Top 15 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

1. “Be fearless.” – Lewis Lee, founder of Aon.

You must take risks and make decisions that may involve a significant change in how you do things. In order to run a business successfully, you need to be brave.

2. “Be resilient.” – Mario Ornelas, founder of Zonetap, Inc.

You will have to learn from mistakes, try again, and prevail in your goals. This is one of the fundamental characteristics of every entrepreneur.

3. “Have a vision.” – Elliot Begoun, founder of TIG Brands.

Each entrepreneur must have a unique business vision. A sense that allows you to predict the market and start a business that genuinely meets the needs of your target audience.

4. “Learn to be creative.” – Alexander Haque, founder of Unnamed Ventures.

An entrepreneur also has to have a creative mind. They must be professionals whose inspiration has no limits, precisely to devise an innovative and far-reaching project. Creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.

5. “Have a passion.” – Mark Samuel, founder of IWON Organics.

A common quality in successful entrepreneurs is their passion for their work. They genuinely love what they do, so they are willing to put in whatever time it takes to make the business successful. The only way to face and deal with the difficulties that arise along the way is by loving what you do.

6. “Don't second-guess yourself.” – Kirk Vartan, founder of A Slice of New York.

Having confidence in yourself, your abilities, and what you are doing is essential to transmit that same confidence to your business, team, and customers. No one will trust your brand if you don't.

7. “Be open to change.” – Jean-Claude Junqua, founder of CE2Innovate.

The need to be flexible prevails when starting a business. Having the ability to adapt to the changes that come along will prevent you from getting stuck and help you overcome the adversities that arise along the way.

8. “Have a high tolerance for risk.” – David Baird, founder of Gigmor.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must accept the risks and submit to them to achieve your set goals.

9. “Provide a new innovative solution.” – Justine Reichman, founder of NextGenChef.

A successful entrepreneur always seeks to innovate, never settles. He looks for new ways of doing things, of seeing the world. That's what makes them different.

10. “Be optimistic.” – Elyssa Katz, founder of The Zutor Concierge.

They see opportunities where others see problems and have an optimistic attitude towards life.

11. “Assemble a great team.” – Suresh Madhuvarsu, founder of Product10x Accelerator.

They can identify and summon the right people, inspire them, and make them enthusiastically follow them. They know how to lead and motivate them to achieve company goals.

12. “Never give up.” – James Michael C., founder of HiFi Gaming Society.

As Steve Jobs said: “If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” Therefore, do not give up and continually work to make your dreams come true.

13. “Be empathetic.” – Aloysious Zziwa, founder of OlyCash Inc.

Empathy means sensing other people's feelings and responding to those emotions knowingly. As an entrepreneur, this characteristic means realizing best professional practices and better understanding your team and clients.

14. “Have persistence.” – Nicholas Focil, founder of Febo.

There will always be doors that close and others that open. By being persistent, you will see each failure as an opportunity for learning and growth. As an entrepreneur, you must always ask yourself the right questions.

15. “Be an expert decisionmaker.” – Derric Haynie, founder of EcommerceTech.

You have to be a masterful risk analyst. If you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a situation, being as objective as possible, the decisions you make will be correct.

In order to succeed, it is necessary to take risks, as you can see. A personal piece of advice is to approach experts, those who already have a little more experience, and learn from them.

Remember that successful entrepreneurs have enough persistence to overcome any obstacle and unforeseen event along the way, move forward, and not give up until they achieve their goals.

Author: Alan Miranda Co-founder of Digital Lab Agency - Digital Marketing Agency and co-founder of Ai Lab School - Online school for developers in artificial intelligence.


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