Marlin chorizo taco will charm your palate in Tijuana

Chef Danny thinks these tacos’ sauces are quite spicy

In this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host, Chef Danny Betancourt, visited ”Mariscos D’Tocho”, a food truck located in Calle José Vasconcelos, Nueva Tijuana in the Otay area. He tried two tacos here: a marlin chorizo taco priced at $4 dollars (80 pesos) and a spicy shrimp taco priced at $3.75 dollars (75 pesos).

Marlin Chorizo Taco

This was the first taco that our host ate and it has a marlin with bird’s beak chile stew, asadero cheese, pico de gallo, cabbage, chipotle dressing, and is served in two corn tortillas drenched in the stew grease. This taco is quite big in size, so much that our host had trouble clenching it to take his first bite.

The taco has a crust, apparently made with the cheese and the marlin by removing them from the fire once they are well fried, making the texture very similar to fried chorizo. The vegetables added help to lighten the taco up due to the amount of grease that it has, which gave it a very sealike flavor. Whoever wants to try it, and can’t stand spicy food, should let the chef know, for the bird’s beak chile oil plus the chipotle dressing makes it very spicy. This taco gets a rating of 8.1.

Price: $4 dollars (80 pesos)

Spicy Shrimp Taco

This taco has spicy shrimps, pico de gallo, cabbage, asadero cheese, chipotle dressing and it is served in two well fried corn tortillas, which makes it quite crunchy. The first thing Chef Danny highlighted is that the asadero cheese is so melted it stretched quite a lot.

After his first bite, Chef Danny felt the burning sensation from the spicy shrimps and the sauce, as well as the flavor from the tortillas which were drenched in oil and butter. The shrimps are medium-sized and the sauce is only slightly spicy, but adding them to the chipotle dressing makes the taco quite hot. The cheese adds protein to the taco, matching it perfectly, giving it a nice flavor. This taco gets a rating of 8.4.

Price: $3.75 dollars (75 pesos)

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Captura de Google Maps
Captura de Google Maps

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