Baja Californian government brings mobile health centers to San Felipe

The administration also carried out the Covid-19 vaccination rollout for those over 30

Baja Californians’ health is a priority for the government led by Marina del Pilar in order to prevent and detect disease in remote communities and to bolster protection against Covid-19. The Secretariat of Health made mobile health centers, as well as a new ambulance to assist in case of emergencies, available to the population.

This Friday, the ambulance, operated with federal INSABI resources, with a cost of over 2 million pesos, was delivered to the health center in San Felipe, covering one of its most immediate needs.

“This ambulance is equipped with a monitor and with instruments and equipment in case there is a need of intubation or wound care. Fortunately, there are other IMSS units in the port that were helping us, but it is important and essential to have our own ambulance,” said health center director, Daniel Saucedo Negrete.

Additionally, restoration of some health center areas was supervised, whose improvement will speed up San Felipe’s residents’ care.

During the port city’s tour, the mobile health centers operation was supervised too. They were set up last Tuesday and they are equipped to carry out Medical Visits, Dentistry, Radiology, Electrocardiograms, Pharmacy, Ophthalmology, Mammary Cancer detection (with specialized equipment), among many other things.

“We are talking about a preventive issue. This is an issue of care and follow up, in case of any conditions, all of which are detected here. The Secretariat of Health continues bringing these services to the most vulnerable areas of the state. They are not suspended and merely focused in carrying out proper diagnosis and provide specialized medical care, and this way, we can guarantee the health of those who need it the most. We can do this in these mobile units which are completely equipped with state-of-the-art technology,” said the Secretary of Health.

Lastly, those over 30 years of age in San Felipe were invited to get their Covid-19 booster shot, which will be available for those who have been vaccinated at least 4 months prior, he stated.

Video: Marina del Pilar opens lactation room in state government building


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