Tijuana's Colima-style birria tacos come with cabbage and pickled onions.

The tortilla test failed his birria lengua taco.

Chef Danny Betancourt visited Tacos Colima in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, which is located at Paseo Cucapah 2194, on the corner of a plaza named "Bugambilias." Two tacos were tried here, one with tongue in birria for $40 pesos ($2 dlls) and the other with the classic taco de birria for $25 pesos ($1.25 dlls).

Taco de Tongue

Beef tongue in birria, pickled onion with jalapeo and habanero peppers, cabbage, and green tomatillo sauce are served on two white corn tortillas in this interesting taco. When our host tasted it, the first thing he said was that the onion was a touch hot because of the chilies used to tan it.

This taco failed the tortilla test because it fell apart after the first bite; however, the flavor of the vegetables and meat intensified in a positive way, mixing the flavors very well; the green sauce also had a good flavor; the only negative detail was the tortilla because I couldn't stand the taco's wetness, so it received a 6.5 rating.

The cost is $40 pesos ($2 dlls).

Birria Tacos in the Colima Style
This birria is Colima style, according to the person in charge of serving these tacos, which include beef birria, red tree chile sauce, pickled onion with jalapeo and habanero pepper, cabbage, cilantro, and lemon. Because the two tortillas on which all of the components are presented are for the table, they are slightly bigger than standard or packaged tortillas.

When he tried this taco, he noted the softness and taste of the meat, which is not greasy at all; the sauce allows the taco to be appreciated since it is not very hot; and the veggies with which the taco is served accentuate the flavors; as a result, he gave it an 8.1 rating.

The cost is $25 pesos ($1.25 dlls).

Tacos Colima isn't listed on Google Maps, but we've included a link to where you may locate them.

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