Jaime Mungua, a Tijuanense, is now ranked among the top three Mexican boxers

Even though he is just 25 years old, the youthful boxer is considered one of the greatest

That is, without a doubt, the greatest term to define Jaime Mungua. And it is that, after just 25 years, the Tijuanense is gaining more prominence in the world of boxing and is currently listed among the top three Mexican boxers.

The Mexican pgil became professional in 2013 and was 28-0 before deflecting and defeating American boxer Sadam Ali for the OMB World Superintendent Title in 2018.

Munguia defeated previous median league champion Liam Smith in decree first in his first defense. On the Alvarez versus Golovkin II card, he promptly knocked out Brandon Cook for his second successful world championship defense. Jaime was silent from then on.

The young boxer made two significant appearances in the year 2021. The first occurred in June, when he faced Kamil Szeremeta, who defeated him in a matter of minutes. With this triumph, the Mexican created a lot of buzz in the media and, most importantly, increased his stature in the glove world.

"That struggle to build confidence is one of my favorites. I can do a variety of things, live in the attack, with various combinations, and in defense... we are really pleased with that day's failure "During an interview, the Titanian remembered.

The second match took held in November, with Gabriel Rosado of Puerto Rico coming out on top with scores of 118-110, 117-111, and 119-109. A victory that allowed him to end the year with a gold brooch and establish himself as one of Mexico's greatest boxers.

"The haircuts have been somewhat delayed, but I am prepared and have no arrests." I can continue to study and enjoy myself. "If you want to be a world champion again, this time in the middle weight," the fighter stated after the win.

Thanks to his unshakeable attitude and nimble shooting technique, the Tijuanense boxer has won four battles in the 160-pound division and has a flawless record, with no losses and 38 triumphs, 30 of which came by way of the night. A source of great pride for both local and national sports.

Is this a bout between Gennady Golovkin and Jaime Munguia?

Jaime Mungua has great hopes for the year 2022, and he is not afraid to share them. The boxer has already chosen to face the surprising winner between Gennady Golovkin and Ryota Murata in a short-range great bout.

"I'd like to see the winner of Golovkin vs. Murata." "I think either of them would be a wonderful fight," the Mexican pgil said in a conversation with Un Round Más, a boxing-focused YouTube channel.

Eric Gómez, head of Golden Boy Promotions, stated that he is confident in his ability to win the bout between Mungua and Golovkin, but that it is fully dependent on the kazajo.

"We shall put up every effort to win this war." "We have some early plastics and believe we can do it," Gómez explained.

It's worth remembering that they attempted to set up a fight between the Tijuanense fighter and Golovkin in 2021, but it was unclear whether the latter had other intentions.

The champion returns to the ring after a journey from Tijuana to the rest of the world.

On February 19, the Tijuanense fighter will return to the ring in front of his home crowd when he takes on D'Metrius Ballard, exposing his invitational record against a boxer with an unblemished professional record.

"Going back to Tijuana was a lot of fun; it was a dream come true." "We are working really hard in Otom and will focus on all of the minutiae to ensure that everything goes well," the Mexican champion stated at a news conference.

On the subject of his preparation, Jaime has focused on strengthening his combinations and defense, which he has done with zeal under the guidance of Erik 'Terrible' Morales.

"Improve combinations, work pace, maintain vigilance, and fix errors." This concentrate in Otom has been really beneficial to us. "I'm going to shoot anybody weights 160 pounds," he said confidently.

Facebook Jaime Munguía
Facebook Jaime Munguía

There is little question that Jaime Mungua still has a long career ahead of him, as well as many more accomplishments. However, the young fighter is now a proud Tijuanense and one of the finest Mexican boxers of today, owing to his amazing defects and accomplishments.

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