This Tijuana taqueria wowed us with a gigantic taco and garnachero, but the meat was bland

The size of this taco startled Chef Danny Betancourt, but there was something about it that didn't persuade him

Our host, chef Danny Betancourt, visited "Tacos Culiacán El Morro" in San José del Cabo, Guaycura 22216, to be exact because of the Cochimes climb that goes to the Chevron or Los Toros Stadium. On this day, two tacos were sampled: one with chorizo for $26 pesos ($1.28 dlls) and the other, named "El Chinola," for $70 pesos ($3.5 dlls).

El Chinola Taco

Our host was taken aback by the magnitude of this taco, which had roast beef, tomato sauce, sour cream, California chili, asadero cheese, cabbage, and red onion, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. Because of all the components, this taco reminded him of toast at first.

The tortilla, California chili, and cheese lend a nice touch, but our chef thought the meat lacked flavor, maybe due to a lack of marinating, as well as the fact that it is rather leathery and requires a lot of chewing to remove. This taco was quite "garnachero" for Danny, but it was also highly saturated, therefore it received a 6.8.

The cost is $70 pesos (3.5 DLLs)

Chorizo tacos

This taco differs from the first in that it contains chorizo, cabbage, tomato sauce, white onion, and red onion, as well as being served in two packed corn tortillas. This one had a few cucumber slices in it, and he tasted one of them before tasting the taco to clear his palette.

When our host took the first bite, a significant portion of the meat's nerve fell out, which, while unusual, is not surprising given the chorizo's manufacturing method. He said that this one had a good flavor that reminded him of marinated beef, that the tortillas were soft, and that the tomato sauce soaked the taco really well. The neutral flavor of the chorizo was a nice point for the chef since the flavor of the spices and meat could be detected without being overpowering, which is why it received a 6.1 grade.

The cost is $26 pesos ($1.28 DLLs).

Learn more about "Tacos Culiacán El Morro" on their Facebook account by clicking here.


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