Marina del Pilar's government is commemorating the state of Baja California's 70th anniversary

On behalf of Governor Marina del Pilar, the Secretary-General of the Government attended the ceremony

The celebration of Baja California's 70th anniversary as a state was held this Sunday, January 16, and was attended by the Secretary-General of the Government, Catalino Zavala Márquez, on behalf of Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, a ceremony that highlighted the Baja California society's effort for the region's development.

The official expressed the state president's congratulations as well as his whole administration's pledge to continue working for the well-being of all Baja Californians.

During the event, which was attended by members of the Legislative and Judicial Powers, as well as the seven municipalities, the Secretary-General described Baja California as an entity inhabited by people used to labor, hardship, and persistence.

"It is a land founded by migrants, a place that has set its foundations for development in the countryside, at sea, and in all activities such as industry," Zavala Márquez added.

She said that progress does not cease by its very nature and that this is evident today in the construction of new municipalities, which provide more representation to the city's more than four million residents.

The Secretary-General of Government also acknowledged cultural variety from other regions of the nation and the globe, but particularly the legacy of the region's indigenous peoples, such as the Kili was, Pai-Pai, Cochimes, and Cucapá. They form the foundation of our identity.

She emphasized that Baja California has an administration, led by Governor Marina del Pilar that wants to include everyone and eliminate discrimination and forms of violence, including gender violence, with the President of Mexico's tremendous support. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is the president of Mexico.

Marina del Pilar is leading the entity towards the spaces that the people have wanted to continue moving forward, honestly, she said.

"This government will not fail the people," Catalino Zavala Márquez concluded. "With our Hearts Ahead, we are making history with hope always in the future because, in the present, we Baja Californians are dedicated to working honestly to build this state for the future of our children, thus consolidating the Fourth Transformation of public life in Baja California."

Juan Manuel Molina, president of the Congress of Baja California's Board of Directors; Alejandro Isaac Fragozo López, president of the State Superior Court of Justice; Vctor Hugo Aguirre Serna, commander of the 2nd Military Region; Jorge Vctor Vázquez Zarate, commander of the Second Naval Region; Norma Alicia Bustamante Martnez, Municipal President of Mexicali; and El Topete Robles, General Coordinator of the Tijuana.

San Quintin and San Felipe, the sixth and seventh towns in the state of Baja California, as well as members from the municipal administrations of Ensenada and Tecate, were also in attendance.

VIDEO: Baja California celebrates its 70th anniversary as a State


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