Musmón was awarded the best taco at One Bite Tacos Tijuana 2021

You won't believe the amount of animal protein in this taco

Without a doubt, Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana has accompanied us throughout the year 2021, visiting three different taquerias per week. Together with chef Danny Betancourt, we saw almost all of Tijuana without having to move a single inch, where we encountered traditional tacos prepared in a variety of unusual ways and tacos made with unique ingredients.

The taco from Musmón, a food truck located in El Punto Food Trucks on Paseo del Ro 3rd Stage 6617, received the title of Best Taco in One Bite Tacos Tijuana of all 2021, is an example of "strange ingredients."

During Chef Danny's visit, he sampled two other tacos with meats such as lamb and octopus, but it was the duck taco that truly captured his heart; it had duck marinated in a soy-style sauce, among the range of spices that he appreciated. He was advised to combine the orange sauce with the chiltepin chili after giving them.

VIDEO: "ONE BITE Tacos Tijuana": Musmón

This taco was a personal favorite of our host, who gave it a perfect 9.5 rating, the highest in the history of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana. When Danny tried it, the first thing he said was that it "blew the wall" because of the incredible flavor combination achieved by combining the marinated and properly cooked duck, a non-intimidating orange sauce, and an omelet. With just the right amount of crunch, it's beautiful.

Musmón's social media accounts may be found here:

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