One Bite Tacos Tijuana: "Tacos various Gym tacos" will give your teeth a workout

Don't be fooled by the tacos' deceiving name; no workout is performed here

Chef Danny visited Tacos Varios Gym situated at Av. Ignacio Allende 7473 on one of the corners of Parque Independencia in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana. In this cart, two tacos were sampled, one with packed chili and the other with breaded breast, both for 25 pesos (USD 1.25).

Taco with breaded chicken breast

The first taco presented to our host had two white corn tortillas, a bed of beans, a bed of rice, the breaded breast sheet, and Danny's addition of charcoal green sauce.

Danny thinks the charcoal elevates the flavors of the sauces, so he thinks it's rather delicious, even though it's a little spicy, which didn't alter his decision. Due to all of the components, he said the taco was a little dry, but the brisket was pretty soft. This cue received a 7.6 rating overall.

Price: $1.25 pesos ($25 pesos)

Taco de Chile Relleno

Like the other taco, has a double maze tortilla, frijol and arroz camas, and a chile relleno de queso. Danny also included a nopales salad with tomato and cebolla.

The savor of the pan-fried Tacos Varios Gymwas delicious, and the tortillas had a good taste as well. He also mentioned that the nopal salad helped the taco warm up because it was also quite dry. However, the theme of the salad and a dash of lemon resolved the issue.

$25 pesos ($1.25 dólares) is the price.

If you want to know more about Tacos Varios Gym, do not hesitate to visit their Facebook profile by clicking here.

Si deseas conocer más sobre Tacos Varios Gym no dudes en visitar su perfil de Facebook dando click aquí.


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