Marina del Pilar maintains its commitment to Baja California's infants

Following the signing of the agreement, the governor of Baja California was one of the guests at a Christmas inn for the benefit of the DIF shelter children.

With the signing of a collaboration agreement with the president of the National Integral Development (DIF), Mara del Roco Garcia Pérez, the Governor of the state of Baja California, Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda, reaffirmed her commitment to the rights of children and adolescents in the form, paving the way for joint protection policies aimed at minors at all stages of their lives.

The president added in her message that DIF Nacional had expressed interest in establishing public policies that help Baja California families, with universal rights for girls, boys, and adolescents being a top concern for the state government.

Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda emphasized the significance of the signing of the agreement, stating that it is "a transcendental act to consolidate the efforts that guarantee the right to live with the family of minors" and that the signed agreement will strengthen the coexistence of children in a temporary home, through a family that will provide them with affection and care until their right is restored.

The decrease in the institutionalization of kids in the entity's Temporary Shelters and Home Homes is one of the benefits, as it provides a safe setting for girls, boys, and adolescents' mental and physical growth while also respecting their human rights at all times.

One of the actions resulting from the agreement, according to the Governor, is the creation of "Guidelines for the Admission of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents to the Public Social Assistance Centers of DIF Baja California," which, in conjunction with the Qualifying Judges, will regulate the operation and organization of minors in residential care.

Mavis Olmeda Garcia, the President of the State DIF, stated that the previous steps also follow up on the agreements reached the National DIF System's Seventh Meeting of Procurators and Procurators for the Protection of Children and Adolescents.

"I want to express that our highest priorities are and will continue to be our most vulnerable girls, boys, and adolescents, who require specialized attention from this Government, which, with its heart ahead, is embarking on this path that will allow us to create more development opportunities," said Governor of Baja California.

The Mayor of Mexicali, Norma Alicia Bustamante Martnez, the General Director of DIF Baja California, Mónica Vargas Nez, and the President of the XXIV Legislature of the Baja California State Congress, Juan Manuel Molina Garcia, were also present for the signing of the agreement.

Marina del Pilar presided over an inn at the "El Sol del Nio" Museum in Mexicali following the signing of the agreement, which was attended as guests of honor by children from various shelters in the state capital, who enjoyed a Christmas activity with presents and advantages for them.

During the ceremony, the Association for China-Mexico Friendly Promotion, represented by its Coordinator, Melissa Liang, presented the state DIF with a contribution of 280 thousand pesos, which will be utilized to meet the state's social benefit promises, particularly for vulnerable groups.


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