The enormity of this Tijuana shrimp-packed chili taco will wow you

Our host was shocked by the size and flavor of this taco

Chef Danny Betancourt visited Fragata, a food truck located at El Punto Food Trucks on Paseo del Rio Tercera Etapa del Ro, in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, where two tacos were sampled. The first is a Baja-style fish taco, which costs 30 pesos ($ 1.5), and the Fragata taco, which costs 60 pesos ($ 3).

Fish Taco de Baja

This fish taco was the first taco that chef Danny received, and he immediately emphasized the taco's enormous size. It has weathered fish, purple cabbage, coriander, pico de gallo, and cream served on a white tortilla.

When he tasted it, he said that the weathered flavor was quite intense, but in a good way, because you can taste the notes of beer and seasonings that help the fish adapt its flavors to the weathered. He also said that the vegetables and gardener add to the taco's appeal and that the cream was seasoned to add even more flavor. The tortilla was dipped in small lard to enhance the taste and add texture. This cue received an 8.1 rating.

The cost is 30 pesos (1.5 dollars)

Frigate Taco

If Danny was impressed by the size of the first taco, he was blown away by the tortilla, which was barely touched and characterized as more of a dish than a taco. A California chili packed with shrimp is served on a golden white corn tortilla with Morita chili sauce, pico de gallo, purple cabbage, cream, vinaigrette, cilantro, avocado slices, and cheese.

When he took his first mouthful, he described the taco as an explosion of flavor, citing the ample cheese that stands out among the toppings, as well as the shrimp's morita sauce, as a winning combination. He also mentioned that the flavors of each component, such as cream, chipotle dressing, and salsa, are mild but perceptible without being overpowering. This cue received an 8.7 rating.

The cost is $ 60 pesos (3 dollars)

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If you want to know more about Fragata, go to their Facebook page by clicking here.


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