The Quesabirria de Tacos El Jaguar goes overboard with the salt in Tijuana

The cheese did not help these tacos

Chef Danny Betancourt visited Tacos El Jaguar in Villa Fontana for this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana. He sampled two tacos: a traditional birria taco for 21 pesos (one dollar) and a quesabirria taco for 35 pesos (1.75 dollars).


This is the first one brought to our host, and it contains birria meat, onion, coriander, beans, asadero cheese, and a medium-size double corn tortilla; When he tasted it, he noted that it had much cheese and that the birria flavor was present throughout the taco, but that the meat was a touch too salty.

Although the taco has a lot of cheese, this isn't usually a good thing because it obscures the flavor of the meat and other components. He rated this taco a 7.5 out of 10 ratings.

Price: $ 35 pesos (about $1.75 USD)

Taco de Birria (Birria Taco)

The beef birria, cilantro, onion, beans, and another double tortilla are the first things that come to mind while thinking of this taco. Danny's initial comment after sampling it was that, unlike the quesabirria, you could enjoy the distinct components in this taco.

This taco received a 7.9 rating because you could enjoy the blend of dried chiles used to produce the birria, which was not feasible in the last taco due to the cheese's intrusive flavor.

Price: 21 pesos (one dollar)

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