Marina del Pilar has the greatest rating of any governor in Mexico

According to the Mitofsky survey, this is the most well-liked politician in Mexico

Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, had a fantastic month in November 2021; according to Mitofsky's rating, she is one of Mexico's most popular governors (men and women).

Marina del Pilar was named the most popular and accepted governor in Mexico, placing her first among "The Best Governors of Mexico" and "The Best Governors of Morena," which also includes Claudia Sheinbaum, the mayor of Mexico City and a Morenista, who has a 59.8 percent approval rating, according to the poll.

Not only that, but the governor of Baja California is ranked fourth in the country, with 61.3 percent approval, trailing only Governor Mauricio Vila of the PAN in Yucatán (72.4 percent), Miguel Riquelme de Coahuila of the PRI (69.5 percent), and Carlos Joaqun González de Quintana Roo of the PRD (63.8 percent).

Similarly, the governor of Baja California is among the top five governors, with her being the only woman among them.

It should be emphasized that after just one month in office, she has surpassed Claudia Sheinbaum (Mexico City), Rubén Rocha Moya (Sinaloa), Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros (Tlaxcala), and Cuitláhuac Garca as the most popular governor of the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena) (Veracruz).

The survey concludes with the authorities' approval and disapproval percentages. Only 36.6 percent of those polled oppose Marina's administration, 2.1 percent are unaware of it, and 61.3 percent approve of his appointment thus far.

The governor of Baja California has been working in various areas for the benefit of citizens, including infrastructure projects worth around 900 million pesos and the promotion of cinematography in the region, as a new feature film by Gabriel del Valley will be shot almost entirely in Baja California.

Similarly, to foster economic growth among all of Baja California's young pupils, the state government established the Dual Model, which brings together the National College of Technical Professional Education (CONALEP) and the private enterprise Skyworks Mexicali.

VIDEO: Marina del Pilar starts building a wetland in the Mexicali Valley in this video.


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