Migrants in Chaparral refuse to move despite the approach of winter.

Authorities attempted to persuade refugees to be transferred to a location with better living circumstances once more.

The Tijuana authorities performed a census of the migrants in the El Chaparral region on Tuesday, November 30. According to reports, it was attempted to persuade the migrants to leave the camp since the winter would bring rain and cold.

According to Telemundo 20, some migrants have stated they do not want to travel to a shelter since their credentials have been compromised and they can no longer return to their tents, as well as a general lack of faith in the places where the migrants are sent.

Migrants in Tijuana, on the other hand, are given the choice of being supported by being transferred to their place of origin or another location while they find a means to live in Tijuana.

The only thing known about the census is that it was conducted; they have not yet stated how many migrants were discovered in Chaparral. However, it is meant to assist people "in the decision they make, because, by foot on Mexican land, they have already become Mexican," according to local officials.

Border Patrol mistreats migrants with horses in this video.

VIDEO:Border Patrol mistreats migrants with horses in this video.


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